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You have a vision for the future, and we have the resources to make it happen. At Limitless, we provide startups with the funding, infrastructure, and guidance they need to create innovative new projects in the metaverse. Our first unicorn project is already up and running, and we're always on the lookout for new ideas. If you have a vision we want to hear from you. Come talk to us about your idea, and let's turn it into a reality.


Branding is important, now more than ever. In a world where consumers have an overwhelming amount of choices, a strong brand can be the difference between winning and losing market share. With the metaverse, brands are about to enter a new era of opportunity. And with our help, you can reap the benefits of this cutting-edge market without betting everything on it. We'll help you transition seamlessly and grow your business with ease.


Limitless is the first and only metaverse platform that allows you to focus on what you do best. As an artist, coder, or any other service provider, you can use Limitless to connect with the best opportunities in the metaverse. Start using Limitless and reach your full potential.


Investing can be risky. The Limitless Index Token mitigates those risks and gives you the power to invest with confidence, knowing that your stake in this metaverse will be safe. You’ll never have to worry about your investment again – we’ve got you covered.

Why we do
Market Analysis

2B Consumers Will Be Present In The Metaverse by 2026!

The Metaverse is coming, and it's going to change everything. This virtual world will eventually contain every other industry, and by 2026 there will be 2 billion consumers in the Metaverse. With the limitless potential for growth, the Metaverse is an inevitable part of our future. So where will you be? Will you be one of the early adopters, reaping the rewards of this new industry?

You can create something that will shape the way we interact with the virtual world. Are you ready to change the world?

Goldman Sachs

Sees the metaverse as an $8 trillion opportunity.

Mobile AR

2022 is on pace to see 1.1 billion mobile AR users.

Multi-Billion Industries Collide

10.7 million Fortnite players attended an in-game music concert.

Bleeding Edge Star Power

Lil Nas X brought 33 million fans to his in-game Roblox concert.

Goldman Sachs

Sees the metaverse as a $8 trillion opportunity


By 2022, there will be 1.1 billion people using mobile AR

Online Concert

10.7 million people have attended a Fortnite concert

New Horizon

Through Roblox, 33 million people watched Lil Nas X’s show.

Meta problems
Window of Opportunity

Why the Rush to the Metaverse Hasn't Started yet?

Until now, both legacy brands and metaverse startups have faced many obstacles when trying to implement their vision - and Limitless has the solution for all of them:


Resource Intensity

Even the most basic functions of the metaverse require steep costs in terms of technology, talent, and more. But Limitless provides the resources - you just need the vision. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in virtual reality, and we're backed by some of the biggest names in the tech industry. So no matter what your dream is for the metaverse, we can make it happen. All you need is the vision. Let us show you what's possible.


Lack of Experience

At Limitless, we believe that experience is essential. That's why our team combines multiple decades of experience with blockchain, sales & marketing, business development, and more so you can rest assured that we know what we're doing. With our extensive knowledge and skillset, we are able to provide comprehensive support and guidance. So even if you don't have any experience in this field, you'll be in good hands with us.


Lack of Infrastructure

For any business or project, having a dependable infrastructure is key to success. Without a solid foundation, everything else you build will be at risk. That's why Limitless is committed to providing the best infrastructure for metaverse projects. We have the experience and expertise to support projects of any size and scope. So you can focus on what you do best and leave the infrastructure to us. With Limitless, you can be confident that your project is built on a solid foundation.


Lack of Talent

When it comes to building a team to explore and develop the metaverse, it's important to have the best talent on board. That's why the Limitless team is proud to include experts across a wide range of legacy subjects. With their help, we're able to offer a comprehensive and well-rounded perspective on this new and exciting frontier. So if you're looking for a team with the skills and experience to help you make the most of the metaverse, look no further than Limitless. We're here to help you navigate this brave new world, and we can't wait to see what you discover.


Risk of Return

A common fear among those considering expansion in the metaverse: what if no one comes? Thankfully, at Limitless, we already have a thriving, active, and hungry metaverse eager to invest and do business with you. And because the metaverse is constantly growing, you can be sure that there will always be new opportunities waiting for you. So if you're looking for a place to build your business, this is the perfect place to start.


Lack of Legitimacy

The question of legitimacy is an important one, and it's one that we take seriously at Limitless. After all, we're asking people to invest their hard-earned money in our business, and so it's only natural that they would want to know that we're a legitimate company with a proven track record. And that's exactly what we are. We've already launched and grown a multi-million dollar market, which is the best proof there is that our concepts are viable and that we know what we're doing. We have the results to prove it.

How we do

Limitless Provides Metaverse Solutions

See how Limitless paves the way for your seamless metaverse integration at every step.

Limitless Provides Metaverse Solutions

See how Limitless paves the way for your seamless metaverse integration at every step.

Development Resources

If you've ever tried to build a website or an app for your business, multiply that effort by tenfold. That’s how difficult, slow, and costly it can be to build a metaverse project…If you start from scratch. This is why major brands have only tiptoed into the metaverse until now.

Lucky for you, you don’t need to bet your entire business to make the transition to the metaverse. True to our name, we have effectively Limitless talent, resources, and knowledge at our disposal. We work with you every step of the way to make sure your project is fast, profitable and in line with your vision. Let's work together and make this a successful venture.

Marketing Solutions

Limitless knows what the metaverse wants because we are natives of this virtual land. First, you need a market, then your message and finally an offer. Limitless provides the market and helps develop both the message and offer.

Plus, we’ve already built a multi-million dollar metaverse market that is buying and selling as we speak. Metaverse marketing is not “theory” for us. It’s our daily discipline honed by millions of dollars in products and services sold. The biggest trend we see? Our audience wants more – and that’s where you come in.

Business Development

It takes more than talent, funding, and technical knowledge to build a great business. It takes a deep understanding of team-building, strategic relationships, and leadership too. That’s where Limitless comes in.

When it comes to business development, we practice what we preach. We’re proud to say we’ve built a thriving and agile 40 person team with 20 more open positions, and every day we’re seeing what it takes to collaborate and succeed in the metaverse. This know-how, along with the team itself, is at your disposal.

HR and Finance

Across industries, Human Resources and Finance have the unfortunate reputation of being roadblocks. But by that same token, we all recognize their true importance to the success of any business.

Thus, at Limitless, we’ve developed sophisticated and nuanced strategies for Human Resources and Finance to take the metaverse by storm. Metaverse work requires fast-paced innovation, and we’ve found the way to marry that with airtight regulatory compliance and fiscal responsibility. Shoot for the moon and trust your rocket will make it there and back in one piece.


We are committed to the success of our projects by building genuine relationships with all stakeholders. This means that just as much care goes into community development and management when it comes down to anything related Metaverse-related; we don't cut corners!

The result? Everyone in the Limitless ecosystem gets a warm welcome and a circle of trust. Our community is there to support you as you take risks, iterate, and ultimately bring your metaverse vision to life – whether that means providing feedback, buying from you, recommending investments, or even investing in your project.

Laws & Regulations

Contrary to popular belief, the metaverse is not “lawless”. There are plenty of laws and regulations already here and more to come in the near future. Those who ignore the regulatory realities of the metaverse do so at their own peril.

Lucky for you, Limitless has already invested heavily in the infrastructure, expertise, and connections necessary to navigate these laws with ease. Best of all, we give you the power to stay compliant without the friction, delays, or fees attached to traditional ventures.

What we did
Building on Momentum From...

Next Earth,
the Third Largest Metaverse.

In August of 2021, we launched Next Earth, the unicorn startup that has disrupted the industry as it has already become the third largest metaverse in existence. Next Earth created a new standard for digital land ownership. It is an NFT based, transparent digital land purchasing platform without a middle-man. We are proud to offer a platform that is safe, secure, and user-friendly, and that offers our users a new way to buy and sell digital land.

NXTT Market Cap

741.619.542 USD



Registered Users


Gross sales

11.235.000 USD

Our Goal
Our Mission

Mass adoption is here.

Limitless is a company on a mission to make the metaverse the most open, equitable, and innovative economy in human history. We believe that the metaverse will be the most important economic space of the 21st century, and we're building the infrastructure and applications to make it happen. We're building an ecosystem that will power the metaverse economy, and we're committed to making it accessible to everyone. We're building the metaverse for all of us. Join us on our mission to build a better future.

Your highway to the metaverse!



We validate your idea through our in-house experts.



The perfect tool to kickstart your projects.



The 250K+ Next Earth community gives your project fertile ground.

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Enter Metaverse!

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The tools, resources, funding, talent, access, and infrastructure are all here waiting for you. Now it’s up to you to make the leap.

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